Packing :

Lios oil in a liter-four-liter metal and plastic containers-twenty-liter-bucket-barrel in laminated cartons with the best design and excellent quality proof plastics packaged and sent to domestic and foreign markets.

Quality Control :

Quality control is a system to achieve an appropriate level of quality of a product or production process and maintenance that do with careful planning,the use of suitable machinery, continuous inspection and corrective action.

Sales &Trading unit:

Our Managers believe : The loyalty of our customers are the principal.According to this subject, try to understand expectations and needs of customers.

Factors affecting the life of engine oil change

1.Operating conditions of vehicle and engine

2.Quality of mechanical engine fuel system  especially injectors and the power situation of it

3.Quality of motor oil and fuel

4.Quality of air filters and oil

5.Type and model and year of car engine

6.The time that oil remains in Carter

Oil change time:

1. Motor function in extreme conditions such as high speeds or overload  3. The number of starts in cold weather 4.unadjusted engine

What does motor oil do?

The main tasks of motor oil is lubricating moving parts of the engine, minimize friction, erosion, help to reduce the heat and to catch dirt, dust and sludge deposits resulting from combustion.


About us

Lios motor oil  doesn’t spare no effort for customer satisfaction.
Trying to adapt the product to the expectations, needs and demands of our customers is part of the Lios oil’s corporate culture.


Quick facts about motor oil

Because the engine oil must perform several complex tasks simultaneously, requires a complex chemical formulation . But you don’t need to be chemist or engineer If you want to find out how it works and Classification and how choose what kind of motor oil for your car, Just you should  know different types of motor oils, classifications, symbols and abbreviations that are used to it.